Shipping Oléron oysters in France and Europe

Whosale orders

Eve­ry mor­ning, we load up a cus­tom order of oys­ters to ship out to our cus­to­mers all over Europe.

They always arrive the next day !

We count and then pack our oys­ters in bas­kets that are cove­red with care. Your oys­ters are also secu­re­ly wed­ged in place so they retain all their water. That’s how we deli­ver the most deli­cious oys­ters to your plate.

They stay fresh and you know you’re get­ting the most deli­cious oys­ters.

Please contact us for any orders to ship oys­ters. We deli­ver to the French dépar­te­ments of Aisne, Oise and Ile-de-France. Ask us about ship­ments to other French départements.

Order our Oysters 

Call us to place your orders.