Privacy policy

For l’O­lé­ro­naise EARL com­pa­ny, iden­ti­fied on the legal page and below as the host.

What we collect

Your IP address is ano­ny­mi­zed and the retai­ned por­tion is only used to iden­ti­fy the coun­try. We col­lect your inter­net brow­ser’s name and ope­ra­ting sys­tem type. The data is auto­ma­ti­cal­ly dele­ted within a per­iod of time in accor­dance with the regulations.

If this web­site contains a contact form, your per­mis­sion is requi­red to use it. We then col­lect the infor­ma­tion you pro­vide, such as your name, e‑mail address and any other rele­vant infor­ma­tion reques­ted in the form. The data is auto­ma­ti­cal­ly dele­ted within a per­iod of time that com­plies with the regulations.

Why we collect

Depen­ding on the case, the host pro­cesses your data col­lec­ted via the site for the fol­lo­wing main purposes :

  • Mana­ge­ment, pro­ces­sing and fol­low-up of your requests and your exchanges with the company
  • Site’s qua­li­ty and functionality
  • Stu­dies, ana­lyses, reports and statistics

Data management

How is consent obtained ?

  • Consent is never obtai­ned by default. We will always ask you direct­ly for your express consent, spe­ci­fying the context of the collection

How can I with­draw my consent or control my data ?

Contact then host :

  • If you no lon­ger consent to our use of your per­so­nal data in the agreed-upon manner
  • If you wish to consult, modi­fy or delete your per­so­nal data

Data use

Your per­so­nal data are inten­ded for the com­pa­ny’s autho­ri­zed depart­ments and personnel.

They can be com­mu­ni­ca­ted, for some of the above-men­tio­ned pur­poses, and only if the com­mu­ni­ca­tion proves to be neces­sa­ry, to the per­son­nel who can inter­vene within the fra­me­work of the above-men­tio­ned treat­ments of per­so­nal data.

Data disclosure

We may dis­close your per­so­nal infor­ma­tion if we are requi­red to do so by law.

No ser­ver is hos­ted in the Uni­ted States : the data hand­led by the host is not sub­ject to the Patriot Act.

Data security – for all sites

All our sites use high level encryption.

Your data is col­lec­ted in the infra­struc­ture of the hos­ting com­pa­ny and pro­tec­ted by a set of pro­vi­sions in accor­dance with good practices.

We imple­ment indus­try reco­gni­zed stan­dards and prac­tices to ensure ade­quate secu­ri­ty requirements.

Links and external sites

You may leave this web­site by cli­cking on exter­nal links. These links usual­ly open a new tab. We are not res­pon­sible for the contents of these exter­nal links.

Age of consent

By using this site, you declare that you are at least the age of majo­ri­ty in your state and that you have given us your consent to allow any minor in your care to use this website.

Privacy policy changes

Please check this pri­va­cy poli­cy fre­quent­ly as it may be upda­ted at any time. Changes will be effec­tive imme­dia­te­ly upon post­ing on this web­site. In addi­tion, all per­so­nal data col­lec­tion forms on our site pro­vide a link to this policy.


The web­site use GDPR com­pliant cookies to :

  • Func­tio­nal purposes
  • Ano­ny­mous navi­ga­tion sta­tis­tics in order to improve the user’s experience
  • Allow access to a mem­ber’s account and content that is not acces­sible without log­ging in

The user ack­now­ledges that he/she is aware of this prac­tice and grants the host to use it.

The cookies are only tem­po­ra­ri­ly sto­red on the user’s com­pu­ter. The user may refuse cookies and confi­gure his brow­ser to warn him/her before accep­ting cookies. To do so, the user will set the brow­ser accordingly.