huître et cholestérol

Oysters and Cholesterol

Oysters are a Gift from Mother Nature

Our October article was all about the health benefits of oysters. Now we’re going to tell you about oysters and cholesterol. You may recall reading that oysters have some of the highest protein content of any food: eating a dozen oysters is exactly like having fish or meat for dinner.

There are around 15 g of protein in a dozen oysters, but they only contain 100 calories and a mere 3 g of lipids (fat). The lipids in oysters are mainly unsaturated, or omega-3 fatty acids. Countless studies have proven that eating omega-3 fatty acids helps lower your bad cholesterol because they are known as good fats.

Ainsi, pour une douzaine d’huîtres vous aurez environ 15 g de protéines mais moins de 100 Kcal et seulement 3 g de lipides (graisses). Les lipides de l’huître sont principalement des acides gras insaturés (oméga-3). En effet, de nombreuses études ont démontré que la consommation d’ oméga-3, considérées comme de bonnes graisses, permet de réduire le taux de mauvais cholestérol.

huître et cholestérol

Oysters and Cholesterol

What are the effects of the cholesterol in oysters?

Good and Bad Cholesterol

The blood contains two types of cholesterol:

  • Le HDL (haute densité) qui contribue au transport du cholestérol au sein de l’organisme. Son rôle est de capter le surplus de HDL et de l’envoyer vers le foie afin que ce dernier l’ élimine. C’est la raison pour laquelle, il est considéré comme le « bon cholestérol » .
  • The other is “bad” cholesterol, or low-density lipoprotein (LDL). An excess of LDL can cause plaques to form in the arteries that block blood flow to the heart and the brain.
Huître et Oméga 3

Oméga 3

Oysters and Cholesterol

Oyster and good cholesterol

Did you know that oysters are one of the foods lowest in cholesterol? Red meat has four times more cholesterol than oysters! And the cholesterol in processed foods containing saturated fats and hydrogenated oils raises cholesterol levels much more than the cholesterol in foods like meat, poultry, eggs and whole dairy products!

The recommended daily allowance of cholesterol is less than 300 mg. If you eat 100 g of oysters, you’re only getting 50 mg cholesterol.

Fun fact: 10 Fine de L’Oléronaise oysters is about 100 g!

Omega 3 of oysters

We now know that good health depends on eating omega-3 fatty acids.
Oysters are one of the best sources of omega-3.

huître et cholestérol
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