L'Oléronaise Team

After going all out with packing and shipping during the Christmas holidays, and now that things have quieted down a bit, we thought it was high time to introduce you to our hardworking team. All year round, they're dedicated to bringing you the best quality oysters possible.
From family-run oyster farmers to unique folks who found us by happenstance and decided to stick around, our team thrives on its diversity and the wide range of experiences and skills that make us strong.

L'Oléronaise Team

David and Ludovic

Après plusieurs années à gérer sa propre exploitation de production, David est, entre autres casquettes, en charge de la gestion de l’organisation de la cabane, et particulièrement de celles de nos claires, passionné par l’affinage des huîtres.

In a past life a chef, Ludovic is now our crew leader. In charge of staff and packaging, he leads the rest of the team with humor that's both incredibly sharp and crucial for maintaining unity and a good vibe. He plans the daily packaging schedule around delivery times to optimize it as best as possible.

Also responsible for the oyster ponds, he manages their supply and technical operations. Because our personnel manager is also a powerhouse problem-solver, a real-life MacGyver!
A jack-of-all-trades when it comes to repairs, he handles the general maintenance of the shack and has bailed us out of more than a few tough spots with equipment issues.

Sabrina and Charlie

Sabrina and Charlie, both from oyster farming families, are the dynamic duo leading our sea crew. Sabrina, breaking stereotypes in a traditionally male field, has made her mark with hard work, a love for the job, and a tough character.

They both have strong personalities and liven up our trips to sea with their playful squabbles, but they always work together seamlessly, making them a highly effective team.


Also immersed in oyster farming since childhood, Samantha has this profession in her blood and the essential experience needed for the proper management of our sizing process.

As the master of the machines, she whispers to the sizing machine, which she affectionately named Micheline, to tame it and suggest the necessary adjustments to meet our oysters' size standards.


Yohan's natural curiosity makes him a jack-of-all-trades, able to adjust seamlessly to different roles, both inside the shack and out at sea.

Passionné de culture japonaise, il continue de chercher La Perle cachée dans ces huîtres aux lointaines origines du Soleil Levant, sait-on jamais…

L'Oléronaise Team

Antonia and Andrea

In charge of her packaging line, Antonia still craves action and enjoys assisting the sea crew just as much. Always on the move, she too proves that women can perform the same tasks as men with outstanding skill.

Joining us just over a year ago, Andrea from Brazil finally settled down on Oléron after sailing around the world. Not coming from an oyster farming background, it seems the call of the sea has remained deeply rooted in her...


Every year, we couldn't wait for the return of our favorite troublemaker, Stéphane, known for his colorful banter and infectious cheer. He's finally made the leap to our full-time crew. The forklift operators at the transport docks who deal with our shipments every day, and David, his partner in crime at the oyster beds, couldn't be happier.

L'Oléronaise Team


The newest member of our team, Sarah from Oléron, has taken up her position as an executive assistant in the office.
Transitioning from managing an aquatic center to the world of an oyster shack, it's clear she's following a familiar path...
Growing up with oyster farming in her blood, thanks to her mom's work, the shacks have always been her playground. Seems like she couldn't stay away from the smell of the sea...


Moving from plant cultivation to oyster farming is a small leap. Christelle switched from horticulture to oyster farming years ago, and after several seasons with us, she's now the friendly face at our L'Oléronaise shop. With fifteen years of experience in different areas, from the shack to the sea to the oyster beds, she's got plenty of expert advice to offer.

Truly a salesperson at heart, she's kept the lively spirit and unique charm she developed selling at Oléron's fresh markets, making her a standout character from her hair down to her nails. She's here all year to help you discover our products and share her knowledge.

la boutique l'Oléronaise


Our young Zozo has been with us as an apprentice since September 2023.
He's getting the hang of things and learning what it takes to make it in the business world.
Always willing and curious, we're hopeful he's the fresh blood the next generation needs!

Les Bretons and Les Parisiens

Mais fi de chauvinisme, notre équipe ne se situe pas uniquement sur Oléron. Nous pouvons également compter sur les Bretons Cédric et Jean, qui prennent soin année après année de nos parcs en Bretagne.

Et, membres tout aussi essentiels au fonctionnement de l’entreprise, nos vendeurs parisiens ne sont pas en reste : Dylan, Annick, Patrick, Gérald, Pierre, Jean-Louis, JP, Clara, José, et Christian, vous accueillent, de mi-Septembre à  mi-Avril, sur nos points de vente en Ile-de-France et en Picardie pour faire un peu voir du pays à nos huîtres.

Notre métier et notre cabane, on les aime. Et c’est en grande partie dû à l’entente générale et à la bonne ambiance qui y règne, si importante dans le cadre du travail dans lequel on passe plus de temps que chez soi. L’équipe est constituée de profils de tous âges et de toutes origines professionnelles. Chacun est une petite pierre de l’édifice qu’il enrichit de sa singularité.

And, if we enjoy putting our all into our work, it's also because of someone who appreciates it: our boss.

L'Oléronaise Team


Si notre équipe bénéficie en effet de tant de diversité d’expériences, c’est aussi grâce à lui, Cédric Massé, qui sait déceler et croire en nos compétences et nous accorder sa confiance, que nous soyons issus du secteur ostréicole ou non.

He's a supportive boss, always there for his customers and employees, making sure everyone feels valued and on equal footing.

Passionné par son travail, il ne se repose pas sur les acquis de la tradition familiale mais cherche toujours à faire évoluer l’entreprise. Au fil des années, il a ainsi continué de développer l’expédition, ainsi que ses marchés picards et parisiens, a ouvert une boutique de vente sur Oléron, et même créé une nouvelle gamme de produits en accord avec ses valeurs de qualité et de promotion de la gastronomie française.

Cédric's a guy who loves a good laugh and has a strong will, but that's just part of his charm that motivates us every day.