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Huître L'Oléronaise

YouTube channel L'Oléronaise

L'Oléronaise is pleased to announce the creation of its YouTube channel ! Discover our first video online and subscribe to our channel! Indeed, new videos will be posted regularly. We are lucky enough to work in partnership with the award-winning Chef of L'Escale de Lupin, Pascal Hue.

huître et cholestérol

Oysters and Cholesterol

Our October article was all about the health benefits of oysters. Now we’re going to tell you about oysters and cholesterol. You may recall reading that oysters have some of the highest protein content of any food: eating a dozen oysters is exactly like having fish or meat for dinner.

huitres gratinées

Oysters au gratin

Les huîtres gratinées au four Et si 2023 était une année durant laquelle, on ose réaliser des recettes différentes !Vous aimez les huîtres fraîches, natures,

huîtres L'Oléronaise

Are Oysters Good for You?

Ever wonder if oysters are good for you? The answer is a resounding YES! Find out what makes oysters a superfood. A good way to describe oysters is “culinary medicine” because they are a food that provides the benefits of natural healing.